Future Visioning

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The ultimate goal of the Open Agriculture Initiative is to create more farmers. We want people to be able to grow locally from anywhere for a more sustainable future of food production. The at-home or personal Food Computer will draw makers, hobbyists, and schools, while the larger at-work or “food server” will appeal to interdisciplinary researchers and small-scale cafeterias, restaurants, and boutique operators. Ultimately, the at-scale or “food data center” will attract commercial operators in and around future cities, as well as food companies invested in securing stable supply chains of agricultural products.

We envision a future in which we will harness the power of distributed food-computing across a global network of innovators and producers to achieve an agile, open, and responsive agricultural system. We also imagine an Open Phenome Library – a comprehensive database relating environmental inputs and species-specific phenotypic outputs, that will serve as catalog for both scientists and growers.

The possibilities are vast in scope— creating agricultural linguistics models based on patterns in environmental, atmospheric, and diagnostic sensor data; curating on demand production of “fingerprinted food” options tailored to individual genetic predispositions; crowd-sourced production of healthy food from an entire city working together as a “digital farm” and even providing an agricultural model for the colonization of other planets.

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