Members Week Cocktail Party!

October 28, 2015


It’s members’ week here at the MIT Media Lab, and the building is filled with friends of the farm! We hosted a cocktail party for Media Lab affiliates, investors,  members of other Media Lab groups, and more!

Alongside our storage container-sized Food Server, we showed off our full fleet of eight prototype Personal Food Computers – six of which were full of food that was grown in local Boston area schools. We also displayed our new user interface, our hyperspeed build video, and a live feed from our sister Food Server in Guadalajra, Mexico.

Our guests got the full farm-to-table experience as they harvested the freshest leafy greens from our Food Server and brought them over to our professional chefs who prepared delicious, fresh horderves and snacks on site! The night of pink lights and leafy greens was a hit, and we got to give a few of our biggest supporters a little taste of what’s to come.

We are excited to get to interact with the members that make our research possible and we look forward to the amazing things that can come from these collaborative efforts.

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